Why China Equipment Parts?

The China Equipment Parts Difference


Pioneers in Possible

We are a family company, established in 1950, with a heritage dating back to 1846. With roots in Swiss-watch making, we’ve brought our unique approach to building some of the world’s most iconic products, from gramophone needles, to Mars Rover, to pacemakers and Polaroid Cameras. What’s next?

Trusted in possible

We are an independently owned, global company that brings together more than 300 of the brightest minds in engineering and manufacturing. We build long-term collaborative relationships with customers, and are committed to meeting the strictest quality standards.

Primed for possible

We attract and retain the best engineering talent in the business, from all over the world. Agility, speed, reliability and quality is built into each and every one of our components, assemblies and outsourced implants and instruments. We currently have an impressive 300 O&O Machines. 2000+ Strategic/Exclusive Partner Machines. And counting.

Hungry for possible

We’re a new generation of thinkers, makers and doers, striving to make a positive impact on the world. We deliver on every stage of the journey, from ideation through to mass production, and we bring our agile methods to each and every one of our partnerships.